Sunday, September 27, 2009

more songs about airports and food

Day two of a three day travel itinerary. Remember the movie starring Tom Hanks about the fellow who essentially lived in an airport for a week? Ya, I was the consultant on that. Tom did a good job. I know every inch of Terminal One, Heathrow. I'm in London, en route to Johannesburg (Jo'Burg) South Africa. And then to 'Richard's Bay,' which right on the coast of eastern South Africa. Equal parts excitement, fatigue, nervousness... and punchy from the travel. 

I am traveling with Production Co-ordinator Andrew Sheppard, who, at age 24, is hardest working man in show business. Full stop. The man edits, shoots, plans, supervises.... He takes apart our gear and puts it back together... for fun. He could fix a HI DEF camera with his tooth brush and a can of bug juice. For easy reference I will from this point forward refer to him as 'MacGyver'  (he's 24 - doesn't remember the show). 

Once we hit South Africa Andrew and I will 'scout' locations for the episode we are filming: 'Vanishing World.' Led by our trusty man on the ground, (also called a 'fixer') Anton Roberts; he with the fabulous Afrikaan accent, and a driver/translator...   Andrew and I will scout up and down the coast... and go a little bit into the interior to find beauty shots, well as footage for our featured Event - scarification. 

That's right - scarification.

Look up 'Sangoma' on Wikipedia or Google to learn more about scarring (and perhaps, if it were me, scaring) in order to heal and purify and cleanse. It should be an intense episode. 

There's my flight call. Of to South Africa, land of 2 oceans, great accents, Zulu tribes, ...and the vote.

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